Tips You Must Know for a Better Airport Limo Ride

Is it the first time you are hiring an Airport Limousine Service?  If yes, you need to be certain of few things before riding. You can turn your airport limo ride into a beautiful experience if you are prepared well in advance. So, here are few essential airport limousine tips for your convenience.

  1. Provide your cell number

Do not forget providing your cell number while booking your airport limousine service. In case the driver misses you in the terminal, the service company will be able to contact you with no trouble.

  1. Meet chauffeurs at Baggage Claim Area

Your driver will be waiting for you in the baggage claim area, not at the gate. Because of the recent security upgrades, limousine chauffeurs are no longer allowed past the security checkpoints. So, you’ve got to meet your chauffeurs at the bottom of escalators, in the baggage claim area.

  1. Have your phone handy

Always keep your phone handy. In case your limo runs late, the service company will be able to call you, and arrange for a curbside pickup. Not to forget- turn your cell phone on.

  1. Curbside pickup can be arranged

Yes, you can arrange for a curbside pickup, just like any other transportation service. Though most of the passengers prefer getting picked up at the terminal, if you are in a hurry, airport limos can pick you up at the curb.

  1. Carry limousine Contact information

Don’t forget to carry the limousine contact information, and a confirmation number. In case the chauffeur doesn’t show up at the terminal, you’ll need the confirmation number to counteract the problem. On the other hand, if your chauffeur misses you at the pickup point, you can contact him/her if you have the number handy.

  1. Schedule early Pick-ups for international departures

If you are going to take an international flight, schedule an early pick-up. It is better to get early than rushing, or possibly missing your flights, isn’t it? Also ask for an early pick-up with your service provider if you’re planning a morning departure from your residence or hotel.

  1. Check your flight information

Always check on your flight status prior to departing. If your flight is subjected to delay, you can contact your limousine service provider and arrange a new pick-up time.

  1. Get a meet and greet

Most of the airport limousine services offer you a meet and greet service. This service can accelerate your trip to or from an airport. When arriving, there will be a greeter meeting you at the gate who will accompany you from the baggage claim area- to your vehicle. When departing, the greeter will be meeting your vehicle at the curb with the baggage tags and boarding passes. The greeter will then accompany you through the security line to the gate.

So, these are few tips that will help you enhance your airport limo experience. Go through these tips and have a hassle-free and comfy airport ride. Most importantly, get your service from a reliable limousine company.

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