The Trend of Limousine

Trend of Limousine

Do you think I am wrong when I say limousines represent luxury and class?

Since its inception 1902 limousines have gained a reputation as a luxury vehicle, a very good example of conspicuous consumption. It was just before 20 years that one should be a millionaire to hire a limousine. But now, they are more of a trend than luxury.

People have set up a trend to hire a limousine in their wedding, prom and other special parties. They also need to hire a limo for tours, airport transfers and corporate travels. Is the value of limousine going down or is it the people who are getting rich?

Before answering this question, let me present you a small fact that will blow your mind out.

As per the data of 2012, the market size of limousines is over $4 billion.

There are more than 4,000 limousine rental agencies with over 42,000 employees.

4,000 agencies and 42,000 employees!!!! Would you believe that?

Now here is the answer to the question.

‘Hiring a limo’ is the key. Buying a limousine is still beyond the reach of a common man. But to hire one, he need not save for a year. So, it is neither the people getting rich nor the value of limousine going down. Limousines are now a trend because hiring a limousine is easy and affordable. You can find hundreds of limousine rental agencies around you that can offer top-notch limo service at very reasonable rates. So, when are you going to order a limo?

Before I wind up, let me show you some interesting facts about limousine that you probably did not know.

As I mentioned earlier, the first limousine was built on 1902, but it became famous as the wealthy man’s ride on the 1930’s.

Limousines were the first vehicle to be equipped with Air Conditions.

The 100 feet Lincoln limousine is the world’s longest limousine. Yes, you read it right. 100 feet!!!!




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